Over-the-Counter hearing products are designed to help our patients who have milder hearing losses and aren’t quite ready for prescriptive hearing aids. Our doctors of audiology can help patients determine the extent of their hearing loss to assist in choosing the correct devices. OTC products are often self -fitting; however, you may have the option to purchase an in-office care package with the audiologist.

OTC products are not designed for patients with more than mild hearing loss, patients with poor speech understanding, or patients with any medical concerns with their ears. We always recommend that patients have a comprehensive hearing examination prior to making decisions regarding devices.

Man cupping his ear to hear better.

Sennheiser Hearing Portfolio: From Situational Hearing to All-day Hearing Support

OTC TV Hearing Aids

TV Hearing $399.95

TVS 200 is a true wireless product used for effortless hearing when watching TV or listening to content on a mobile media device.

Use: Media Consumption

OTC Conversational Hearing Aids

Conversational Hearing $899.95

ConC 400 is a true wireless product used for improvement of the hearing in noisy environments where the ability to distinguish speech is a challenge. These devices fit like earbuds and are worn as needed.

Use: Situational

OTC All Day Hearing Aids

All-Day Hearing $1399.95-$1499.95

All-Day Clear Hearing Aids are medical devices designed for individuals with a mild to-moderate hearing loss, for all-day wear in everyday environments.

Use: All Day


Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids

Jabra Enhance Plus $799/pair

Miniaturized and ultra-discreet design for a comfortable fit. Compatible with iOS devices it is world-class, medical-grade hearing enhancement technology, with state-of-the-art signal processing for incredible audio clarity. Sound is analyzed with resolution similar to the human ear for the most natural sound quality. Jabra uses advanced hearing algorithms limit background noise and improve speech clarity, has microphone directionality that automatically adapts for improved speech audibility in noisy environments. It uses Bluetooth® 5.2 so there are fewer audio dropouts or interruptions. The device is rechargeable and has up to 12 hours of battery life.